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At well-life hospital, we are envisioned with the aim of bringing to Nigeria the highest standards of medical care.

Patient-centered healthcare utilizing innovative technology and driven by dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Our team of highly trained and dedicated medical professionals are prompt to handling any situation with relative ease, composure and care.


We run full maternal and Early Child care Services which include:

  1. Robust ANC (Antenatal care) Service for both the high risk and low risk pregnant Women. Our Antenatal Clinic are run and supervised by a team of well experienced specialist/consultants in Obstetrics and gynecology in addition to a bi-monthly Antenatal Health talks that are meant for general health education of our pregnant women on maternal and child health. These talks are organized and supervised by experienced and well-trained mid-wives.
  1. We have a very comfortable delivery suite where we Nurse all our women in labour on one-on-one basis i.e. A midwife to a patient throughout her Labour.
  2. Our delivery suite/theatre is also equipped with facilities for early neonatal resuscitation to ensure optimal prenatal outcomes. A Pediatrician is always on hand to receive and manage the babies of Mothers whose pregnancies are considered as high-risk pregnancies
  1. We offer Epidural anesthetics for our pregnant women in labour who do not want experience the pain of labour and don’t have any medical contraindications for Epidural anesthesia.


We provide the following fertility treatment :
  1. IVF we have a well-equipped and standard IVF Laboratory where we offer both conventional and assisted invitro-fertilization services. Conventional IVF is offered to couples whose partners(husbands) have normal sperm parameters.
  2. ICSI Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an assisted form of IVF where the sperm cells are assisted to fertilized the oocytes. This Is offered to couples whose spouses have abnormal sperm parameters particularly low mobility.
  3. PGD Pre-implementation genetic diagnosis (also called Pre-implementation genetic testing) is indicated for couples who have a history of chromosomal genetic abnormalities in their families. Existing medical condition that could adversely after the baby in the womb or to screen for certain genetic disorders with sickle cell disease. This technology may also be used for Sex selection in situations where to couple many prefer a particular gender.
  4. Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) is a minor surgical procedure done i.e., to extract sperm cells directly from the testicles. This is done for men who can’t produce sperm or who have some obstruction along the ducts that conduits sperm from the testicles. Such men could have very how sperm counts or no sperm cells at all in the semen, a condition called Azoospermia. With TESA such men count be assisted to obtain sperm for IVF.
  5. GAMETE/ EMBRYO PRESERVATION is process where oocyte (Eggs) of a woman sperm from a man are preserved for later use in IVF. Fresh embryos may also be frozen and preserved for letter transfer into the womb.

    Indications for family preservation may include :

    • A single lady may wish to present her eggs when she is still young for future use as eggs of a woman depreciate in quantity and quality as her age advances

    • A lady may also retrieve and preserve her eggs (oocytes) if she is to undergo certain medical procedures that have potential to damage her ovaries examples of such procedure are chemotherapy or radiotherapy for treatment of cancers.

    • Sperm may also be frozen and preserved for later use where the couples are not staying together and the husband may not be available when any form of assisted reproductive technique may be offered to them.
    • Embryos may also be frozen and preserved where excess embryos where gotten from an IVF cycle as all cannot be transferred immediately.

    Other forms of Assistant reproductive Technology are also available in our hospital when indicated. These include :
    • I.U.I IUI– Intrauterine insemination is a process where pre-washed sperm is injected directly into the uterus at the time of ovulation to enhance chances of fertilization.Compiles are initially screened and those who satisfy the criteria for this procedure are counselled and offered such.
    • Controlled Ovarian hyperstimulation with follicle tracking and timed intercourse -This is the simplest form of fertility assistance for a couple who may have unexplained subferlity and are young and willing to true this. Here the woman is given some fertility medications in a controlled manner, monitored closely and followed up with serial ultrasound scans to track her Ovulation. The compile is the advised to ham coitus at time of ovulation.
    • SURROGACY we offer surrogate service for couples situation where either for medical or social reasons the woman is not able to carry pregnancy.

We also specialize in the following areas of Health care